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Tiger Cub Scout Tiger Cub Scout requirement resources include Electives, cross references to Belt Loops & Pins, Cub Scout Workbooks, Awards, & Den Leader Fast Tracks Den Meeting plans. Special topics include Bobcat Badge, Uniform, Training, Pinewood Derby, and Day Camp.


Cub Scout Tiger Cub Rank

Tiger Cub Rank Badge Target age group: 1st grade Created: 2001 Current status: Active Latest Requirements Revision: 2001 Latest Handbook Revision: 2006 Previous rank: Bobcat Badge Next rank: Wolf Cub Scout The Tiger Cub Scout program is for boys who have completed Kindergarten (or are age 7). After earning the Bobcat badge, a boy may earn the Tiger Cub badge by completing 15 achievements involving simple physical and mental skills. Contents [hide] 1 Tiger Cub Scout requirements 1.1 Making My Family Special 1.2 Where I Live 1.3 Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe 1.4 How I Tell It 1.5 Let's Go Outdoors 2 Key Rules for Tiger Cub Scouts 3 Tiger Electives 4 Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Emblem 4.1 Beads 5 Related achievements, electives, or other awards 6 Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program 7 Other awards available to Tiger Cub Scouts 8 History of the Tiger Cub program 9 Tiger Cub Scout Expenses 10 Tiger Cub Den Leader Resources 11 Related Pages Each month Tiger Cubs generally have at least two den meetings, a pack meeting, and a "Go See It" den meeting outing. The program section of the Tiger Cub den meeting is usually divided into three parts, corresponding to the Tiger Cub Motto: Share. Each boy shares something that he's done since the last meeting. Search. Leaders and Den Chiefs will discuss the next Go See It outing. This activity could fulfill one of the achievement requirements or one of the elective requirements, or it could relate to the monthly theme. Discover. During Discover time, the den leader may introduce the monthly theme and talk about what the den will be doing for the pack meeting. Then the boys will play games, have activities, take part in outdoor activities, or work on advancement requirements. "The Bobcat badge is earned prior to all other ranks. If a boy joins Cub Scouting as a Wolf, Bear, or Webelos, he must earn the Bobcat badge first before receiving any other award or rank. - Advancement Policies, pp. 18-21 As a boy completes each part of the Tiger Cub achievements, he will be awarded either an orange (den activities), white (family activities), or black ("Go See It") bead. When the boy has earned five beads of each color, he is eligible to receive his Tiger Cub badge. The Tiger Cub badge is presented to the adult partner at the next pack meeting. In an impressive ceremony, the adult partner in turn presents the badge to the boy. Tiger Cubs can complete Tiger Cub Electives and Belt Loops and Pins at any time. The Tiger Cub Scout uniform has six parts. “ “A boy on joining wants to begin Scouting right away.” ” — Robert Baden-Powell

Tiger Cub Scout requirements

To receive the Tiger Cub rank, the Tiger Cub must complete all 15 parts of the following five achievements with you, his adult partner. You will approve each part after your boy does his best to finish it and sign where it says "Akela's OK." Remember that there are no performance requirements for a boy. Simply participating and doing one's best in the activity constitutes completion. Making My Family Special 1F. Family Activity Think of one chore you can do with your adult partner. Complete it together. Character Connections - Responsibility Know: Think about the job that you completed. What was the hardest part of doing the job? How well was the job done? What does it mean to be responsible? Commit: Why is being responsible important? Are there jobs you can do by yourself? List other ways that you can be responsible. Practice: Do requirement 1F. 1D. Den Activity Make a family scrapbook. 1G. Go See It! Go to a library, historical society, museum, old farm, or historical building or visit an older person in your community. Discover how family life was the same and how it was different many years ago. Where I Live 2F. Family Activity Look at a map of your community with your adult partner. 2D. Den Activity Practice the Pledge of Allegiance with your den, and participate in a den or pack flag ceremony. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Character Connections - Citizenship Know: What does it mean to be a good citizen? Why do you think we say the Pledge of Allegiance? Commit: Is it easy to be a good citizen? Why is it important to show respect to the flag even if others around you might not? Practice: Do requirement 2D. 2G. Go See It! Visit a police station or a fire station. Ask someone who works there how he or she helps people in your community. Keeping Myself Healthy and Safe 3F. Family Activity a. With your family, plan a fire drill and then practice it in your home. b. With your adult partner, plan what to do if you became lost or separated from your family in a strange place. 3D. Den Activity Make a Food Guide Pyramid. Character Connections - Health and Fitness Know: With a family adult, have a healthy snack. Commit: When is it difficult to eat healthy food? Practice: What foods are best for your health and growth? 3G. Go See It! Learn the rules of a game or sport. Then, go watch an amateur or professional game or sporting event. How I Tell It 4F. Family Activity At a family meal, have each family member take turns telling the others one thing that happened to him or her that day. Remember to practice being a good listener while you wait for your turn to talk. Character Connections - Respect Know: When talking with other family members, how do you show courtesy and respect? How do you listen respectfully? How can you interrupt people and still be respectful? Commit: How does it feel when people listen to you with respect? List three things to remember that will help you talk respectfully with others. Practice: Join in a family conversation. After the conversation, discuss how you and the others showed respect? 4D. Den Activity Play "Tell It Like It Isn't" 4G. Go See It! Visit a television station, radio station, or newspaper office. Find out how people there communicate with others. Let's Go Outdoors 5F. Family Activity Go outside and watch the weather. Character Connections - Faith Know: Discuss things about the weather that you know to be true, but you cannot see at the moment, such as is the sun still there although you only see clouds? Is the moon there, even though it is day? Can you see wind? Do you know that the rain will eventually stop? Do you have faith in other things you can't see? Commit: What makes it difficult to believe in things you cannot see? What helps you to develop faith? Practice: Do requirement 5F. 5D. Den Activity With a crayon or colored pencil and a piece of paper, make a leaf rubbing. 5G. Go See It! Take a hike with your den.

The official source for the information shown in this article or section is: Tiger Cub Handbook, 2007 Edition (BSA Supply No. 34713)

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Key Rules for Tiger Cub Scouts

Tiger Cub Scouts Must earn their Bobcat before they work on any other award. Must always be accompanied by their Adult Partner. Can attend Day Camp (with their Adult Partner). Can earn Belt Loops and Pins (once the have earned Bobcat. Can attend Cub Scout Resident Camp (with their Adult Partner). CANNOT use knives, saws, or axes. CANNOT cook outdoors. See the Age-Appropriate Guidelines for much more. Tiger Electives

Main article: Tiger Cub Electives

Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Emblem

Tiger Cub Scout Immediate Recognition Emblem

Level: Tiger Cub Scout Created: 2001

Tiger Cubs are presented the Tiger Cub immediate recognition emblem when they learn the first three requirements for the Bobcat badge: the Cub Scout Motto, Cub Scout Salute, and Cub Scout Sign. When a Tiger Cub has accomplished these tasks, he should be awarded his Tiger Cub immediate recognition emblem at the next pack meeting. Beads The Tiger Cub immediate recognition emblem is a tiger paw print with four strands to which beads are added as each achievement toward the Tiger Cub rank is completed: White beads are for Family activities Orange beads are for Den activities Black beads are for Go See It! activities Yellow discs (Tiger Track beads) are for every 10 electives completed (not awarded until after the Tiger Cub Badge is earned) Worn suspended from the right pocket flap button of the uniform shirt.

Related achievements, electives, or other awards

Shortcut: TBL The Tiger Cub Scout Achievements start you on many different Belt Loops and Pins! All registered Tiger Cubs, Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs, and Webelos Scouts can earn Belt Loops and Pins. 1D. Make a family scrapbook Art Belt Loop - Complete the Art Belt Loop at the same time: #1 List common materials, #2 Use design elements, and #3 primary and secondary color usage. Art Pin - Include #2 Self-portraits, #7 Photos, #8 A collage, #9 A cover # 10 A computer illustration, and #11 Display your scrapbooks at a pack meeting. 2D Flag Ceremonies 2F. Look at a map of your community with your adult partner. Cub Scout Map and Compass #1 Orient a map... #3 Draw a map of your neighborhood... Geography Belt Loop - #1 Draw a map of your neighborhood, #2 learn it's geography, and #3 Use a globe. Google Maps - Make and save a map of your community - Sample Google Map Made By A Scout REI Videos: Parts of a Compass - Topographic Maps - Map to Compass - Compass to Map - Triangulation - Declination REI:Navigation Basics - How a Compass Works Topographical Maps Free US Geological Survey - Topozone.com - Google Satellite, Street, and Terrain Maps 3D. Make a Food Guide Pyramid. Cub Scout Physical Fitness Pin Requirement #1: Make a diagram of the Food Guide Pyramid. List foods you ate in a week and show where they fit in the pyramid. 3G. Learn the rules of a game or sport. Then, go watch an amateur or professional game or sporting event. Cub Scout Baseball Belt Loop Requirement #1 & Pin Requirement #10 Cub Scout Basketball Belt Loop Requirement #1 & Pin Requirement #10 Cub Scout Soccer Belt Loop Requirement #1 & Pin Requirement #10 Cub Scout Tennis Belt Loop Requirement #1 & Pin Requirement #9 Cub Scout Volleyball Belt Loop Requirement #1 & Pin Requirement #10, 5F. Go outside and watch the weather. Cub Scout Weather Belt Loop Requirement #2 5D Go outside to make a leaf rubbing. Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award 5G. Take a hike with your den. Cub Scout Map and Compass Beltloop - Use a map and compass as you take your hike. Hike at a nature center state or national park for Cub Scout Wildlife Conservation Pin #1 or #8. Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award Also see the Related Requirements for Tiger Electives. Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program

“ All registered Tiger, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos Scouts can earn Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Belt Loops and Pins more than once. ” — Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide #34299B, p.1 & 4 and Cub Scout Leader Book, p. 31-1.

Belt Loops & Pins tie directly to these requirements: Tiger / Electives, Wolf / Electives, Bear / Electives, and Webelos Activity Pins.

Other awards available to Tiger Cub Scouts

Shortcut: TA See also: Cub Scout Awards Belt Loops & Pins Outdoor Activity Award Conservation Good Turn Award Donor Awareness Patch Emergency Preparedness Award Interpreter Strip Leave No Trace Award National Summertime Award Physical Fitness Award Pro Archer - Pro Marksman Recruiter Strip Religious Emblems Hornaday award World Conservation Award Honor Awards Medal of Merit – Heroism Award – Honor Medal – James E. West Award List of all Scouting Awards

History of the Tiger Cub program

In 1982, Tiger Cubs was started as a "Pack-associated" program with Tiger Cubs being 7 years old. They wore special orange T-shirts with iron-on "badges". Beginning in 1996, when a Tiger Cub graduated to the Pack, he was presented with a "Tiger Cub BSA" strip that would be worn just below the right pocket of the blue uniform shirt:Image:TigerCubsBSApatch.jpg When the grade-based rank system was phased in in 1986, the age for beginning Tiger Cubs was lowered to First grade. In 2001, the current diamond-shaped Tiger Cub rank badge was introduced. In 2007, the Tiger Cub Den was fully integrated into the pack; Tiger Cubs now wear the blue Cub Scout shirt. Tiger Cub Scout Expenses

In one weekend of Popcorn sales or other Fundraising, a Cub Scout can earn enough in his Individual Account for a year of adventures! $23 National registration, Boys' Life magazine, and Accident Insurance. $20 Program Materials: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, or Webelos book, rank patch, neckerchief, and slide. ____ Pack Expenses: Each Scout's fair share of Pack recharter, training, fees, equipment, etc. ____ Advancement: Awards, Belt Loops, patches, and more. ____ Activities: Pinewood Derby, trips, ball games, camping, and much more. ____ Camping: Day Camp, Resident Camp and Family Camping. ____ Equipment includes Uniforms, sleeping bags, tents, etc.

Tiger Cub Den Leader Resources

Cub Scout Leader portal MeritBadge.Org is your online Scouting University with everything from Getting Started to Bridging: Advancement: Bobcat, Lion (Pilot Program), Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Awards: Belt Loops, Outdoor Activity, Summertime, Leave No Trace, Recruiter, Religious Den Meeting Plans: Tiger Cub, Wolf, Bear, Webelos Program: Webelos I, Webelos II Leader Awards: Tiger, Wolf/Bear, Webelos, Cub Scouter, Cubmaster, Trainer Program Helps: 2009, 2010, & 2011, Recruiting, & CubTrax Spreadsheets Activities: Day Camp, Resident Camp, Whittling Chip, Guide to Safe Scouting Worksheets: Belt Loops and Pins and Webelos Activity Badges (Pins) Key Leaders: Denner, Den Chief, Tiger Leader, Den Leader, Webelos Leader, Cubmaster Pack Meeting: Opening, Skits, Songs, Cheers, Closing, Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold, Roundup Training: Youth Protection, New Leader, BALOO, Webelos Outdoor, Wood Badge, Philmont Fundraising, Popcorn, and the importance of Individual Youth Accounts Nameplates - Official BSA Name plates for your uniforms. See the Cub Scout Leader Resources for the Pack Organization Chart and much more. Tiger Cub Den Meeting Programs Tiger Cub Den Record Tiger Cub Attendance & Dues Tiger Cub Den Advancement Report Individual Tiger Cub Record Related Pages

Tiger Cub Scout Handbook

Cub Scout Resources New Leader Brochures: Tiger Wolf/Bear Webelos Cubmaster Applications & Reports: Youth Application Adult Leader Application Advancement Report Uniform Online Training: New Leader Youth Protection Training Safe Swim Defense Safety Afloat Safety Guides: Guide to Safe Scouting Safe Swim Defense Safety Afloat Climb On Safely Other: Permission Slip Local Tour Permit National Tour Permit Fundraising Medical Exam Forms: Annual Health and Medical Record 34605 Age-Appropriate Guidelines More forms…

Cub Scout Advancement Bobcat • Tiger • Wolf • Bear • Webelos • Arrow of Light

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